Learning Management System

Ikusasa develop web application used to administer, document, track, report and deliver educational courses or training programs. Learning management systems are used by educational instructors to support classes that meet in a physical classroom or to facilitate fully or partially online courses. Our learning management system a built to accommodate the discipline of instructional design, which involves designing and developing learning experiences that leverage the technological advantages of an online environment.

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Ease of use

Ikusasa develop LMS interface which is intuitive and user-friendly whoever the user. It is quick to learn. It show your progress and provide practice question before actual exam take place. You can use provided time table tracker to track what you are busy and how much time have you spent on each chapter.

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Support for mobile learning

Ikusasa Mobile learning,is the delivery of training or education materials or learning support on any mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Mobile learning allows people to learn virtually anywhere at anytime as long as they have a smartphone. It ultimately allows for “greater opportunity for timing, location, accessibility and context of learning”

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Testing and assessment

Our LMS consist of the following.
Pre-tests and post-tests, Formative assessments supported , Flexible online exam, Support both automatic and manual marking, Candidate information and results can be only accessed by admin

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Reporting and tracking

1. Learning item reports: Reports on which learners have completed particular learning items and which learners have not.
2. Learning path reports: Track learners’ progress through a learning path.
3. Exam reports: A good LMS doesn’t just assess learners, it helps the organization assess the learning system. Exam reports analyze exam performance to help ensure the validity and accuracy of the exam.

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Candidate data and information is secured from being accessed online and our cloud storage runs update daily to update daily progress of candidates and it is also secured from all sort of attacks.

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Support for blended learning

* Learners can register themselves. * Support for synchronous learning. * Can read offline but cannot right exam of any assessment * Support chat platform for learners to help each other. * Provide youtube video links for further knowledge.

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